There is one living which is forbidden
to enter while thou art awake.
By the quiddity thou will be hidden.
So, thou art mere alive for no sake.

On the entrance to that house a ceiling
is made by the covering roof
on which stars shine to give thee the feeling
thou art of the definite proof.

By the moon thou art lifted to enter
that house, in which there is no law,
only love, by which thou art the centre
and walls are just sides stuck in awe.

In the whole house a river is running
with fish of the most precious kind.
And since worth of that house is quite stunning,
that fish will find place in thy mind.

The inventory might be precisely
what thou think that it has to be.
And if thou change thy mind it will nicely
fit in and be special to see.

In the rooms there will be people living
who join thee and make it quite strange
to perceive how those people are giving
the way thee that living arrange.

In that house there is no thing called earning,
but maybe a thing there called try.
And from it thou a lot will be learning.
And maybe thou laugh and thou cry.

And the moon on the ceiling will gladly
see to thee and finally end
that living and make thee quite madly
prepared on the sun to depend!

By the comfort that house is appealing
to enter, no money to make.
But with nothing thou there will be dealing.
And that is forbidden, awake.