Adam and the beast

By the animals Adam saw future to be,
not alone, by the flower, the coming to see.
And the beast, reckoned Adam, of more than one kind,
was God given so that one the future could mind.

Coming to that conclusion, he named the beast all,
as if beast would respond and would answer the call.
Adam learned, though, that beast by itself is no good.
If it was, beast is thinking to be understood.

And when thinking about it, the beast which appeared
as if it never fathomed and it nothing feared
was the lamb, which to Adam would serve and be glad.
And by that Christ, the Son, was distinguished from mad.

Now, that Adam was surely peculiar found
by the Lord to be living and to have around.
He would think very proudly, but he would not fear.
He considered the Lord to be very much dear.